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Arana Sonnier enters BSPA postulancy

Arana Sonnier enters BSPA postulancy - (27-08-2013)

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Photo: General Councilor Sister Cheryl Morehead, OSB (left) smiles and Formation Director Sister Lynn Marie D’Souza, OSB looks on as Arana Sonnier makes her entrance into the postulancy.

The Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration welcomed Arana Sonnier into the postulancy during a ceremony in August in the Adoration Chapel in Clyde, Mo.

The Rite of Entry began with Arana’s ritual knocking of the chapel door, the symbol of a woman’s desire to enter the monastery. After Arana was welcomed inside, General Counselor Sister Cheryl Morehead, OSB explained the importance of the Eucharist and the vital role of the Liturgy of the Hours in Benedictine life.

Sister Cheryl prayed, “As we walk parallel pathways to you, Our God, give Arana insight into her calling. May her generous gift be an inspiration to all of us to continue to give ourselves wholeheartedly in joy and love.” 

Sister Lynn Marie D’Souza, OSB, formation director, then presented Arana with the Office Book.

“As you advance in your monastic observance and your personal prayer, may these psalms and canticles be your constant inspiration to the honor and praise of God,” Sister Lynn Marie said.

The ceremony concluded with Arana’s signing of the Declaration of Service, which signifies her entry into monastic life. Postulant Arana is from Louisiana and is a photographer. During the next year, she will live at the monastery, participate in personal and communal prayer, take classes and further discern her monastic vocation.