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Current Issue - Spirit & Life Magazine

Year Issue Title Author Page
2017 Mar/Apr Citizens of Heaven Sr. Lenora Black, OSB 5
2017 Mar/Apr Five Haikus for Spring Maria Terrone 7
2017 Mar/Apr The Prophet with a Question Sr. Gladys Noreen, OSB 8
2017 Mar/Apr Whom Do You Seek? Sr. Bede Luetkemeyer, OSB 10
2017 Mar/Apr Choices, Choices, Choices! A Lenten Reflection Sr. Jeanette von Herrmann, OSB 12
2017 Mar/Apr Mercy Sr. Laurentia Doyle, OSB 15
2017 Mar/Apr Lent and Choices Archbishop Jerome Hanus, OSB 16
2017 Mar/April Celebrating the Joy of Easter Sr. Margaret Michaud, OSB 17