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Two Benedictine Sisters are part of new book releases

Two Benedictine Sisters are part of new book releases - (24-09-2013)

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Photo: Sister Colleen Maura McGrane’s translation of a study of St. Benedict’s Rule (left) and a translation of the life and works by Kaj Munk (right) by Sister Reparata Hopp were both recently released by France publishers - The Book Depository.

Two Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration have recently played a major role in opening literary worlds to others.

A Critical Study of the Rule of Benedict

Sister Colleen Maura McGrane, OSB, translated from French to English the first of four planned volumes of “A Critical Study of The Rule.” Published by New City Press, the multi-volume series is a scholarly work by Adalbert de Vogüé that is considered the basis of critical study of the Rule. Sister Colleen Maura began translating the series in 2009.

“I started simply as a way to increase my knowledge and understanding of the Rule,” Sister Colleen Maura said. “As I gained both proficiency in translating and increasing appreciation of the significance of Vogüé’s work, I started thinking about the possibility of publishing it for others.”

After finishing a draft of volume one, she began working on volume two and learned last summer that New City Press wanted to publish the series. The first volume was released this month, and she plans to continue with volumes 3 and 4.

“It is tremendously energizing to think about opening this treasury of scholarship about the Rule of Benedict to a wider audience,” Sister Colleen Maura said. “Along with my prayer, it is a gift that I as a contemplative Benedictine can share with the world.”

Sister Colleen Maura lives at the Benedictine Sisters’ community in Clyde, Mo.

By the River of Babylon: Wartime Sermons of Kaj Munk

Sister Reparata Hopp, OSB, has penned a Danish-to-English translation of the first of Four Sermons by Kaj Munk, which was included in the recent book “By the River of Babylon: Wartime Sermons of Kaj Munk” by Brian Young.

Munk was a Danish playwright and Lutheran pastor who was outspoken against the German occupation of Denmark during World War II. His untimely death - believed to have been at the hands of the Nazis - served as a catalyst for Danes. The book includes translations of some of Munk sermons, many of which were written during the war and spoke of resistance to German occupation. 

Sister Reparata lives at the Benedictine Sisters’ monastery in Tucson, Ariz.

For pricing and ordering of “A Critical Study of the Rule of Benedict,” please visit http://www.newcitypress.com/a-critical-study-of-the-rule-of-benedict.html.

For pricing and ordering of “By the River of Babylon: Wartime Sermons of Kaj Munk,” please visit http://newnordicpress.com/by-the-rivers-of-babylon/.