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Helping hands to assist with monastery auction

Helping hands to assist with monastery auction - (14-04-2014)

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Photo: Dressed in work clothes, friends and members of the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration spent countless hours saving materials from their monastery's renovation. Their careful stewardship and commitment to the environment impressed auctioneer Paul Spiking, who is donating his services to the community's upcoming sale. The auction will feature many items that were saved from the deconstruction, along with numerous household items.

If you asked King City resident Paul Spiking why he enjoys visiting a Benedictine monastery nestled in the rolling hills of northwest Missouri, his answer is a simple one. 

“It is a very tranquil place, and the Sisters are such an inspiration,” he said. “I look forward to any opportunity to visit them.”

Spiking became acquainted with the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration in Clyde a few years ago when he worked as a electrician on the community’s renovation of their motherhouse.

The large project included the removal of two unused portions of the building and reconstruction of a new wing. The Benedictine Sisters were determined to reuse, recycle or reclaim as much of the original building materials as they possibly could.

“I saw the careful degree the Sisters took in preserving everything they could. They pulled hundreds of nails from boards so the wood could be used elsewhere rather than going to the landfill. That level of care made an impression on me,” he recalled.

So when he learned the community was in the midst of planning a sale of household items and a variety of building supplies left over from the renovation, Spiking jumped at the chance to offer his services as a professional auctioneer. He will be accompanied by two auctioneering friends, Rod Dollars and Leon Messner of Dollars and Messner Auction Service.

“I look for any excuse to visit the monastery,” he chuckled. “We also wanted to volunteer our time as auctioneers, to help make their sale a successful one.”

The auction is scheduled from 9:30 a.m to 3 p.m. Friday, May 9, and Saturday, May 10, at the Benedictine Sisters’ monastery in Clyde. The event will feature building supplies, electrical switches, doors, windows, antiques, furniture, metal display shelving, bathroom fixtures such as toilets, showers and tubs, and a variety of other household-related items. The monastery is located at 31970 State Highway P in Clyde.

“It is apparent that God brings people into our lives for a reason,” said Sister Jane Heschmeyer, OSB who is helping organize the auction. “Generous and thoughtful people like Paul, those who can share their time and talents with us, are something for which we are so grateful. We count our blessings each and every day.”

For more information about the auction, please call (660) 944-2221.

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