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Sisters help restore beautiful cope vestments

Sisters help restore beautiful cope vestments - (28-07-2016)

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Sisters in the Liturgical Vestments Department at the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration's monastery in Tucson, Arizona, have been busy this summer with a variety of projects, including one for dear friends at Conception Abbey.

While many of the department's tasks involve crafting new vestments, they also offer repair and restoration on many existing pieces. Such as that on several beautiful copes, which arrived in April and are now heading back to their home in Missouri.

“Because of the delicate nature of the work, it took some time to figure out how best to approach the repairs,” said Sister Mary Jane Romero, OSB, director of the Liturgical Vestments Department. “We had the original copes cleaned, the embroidery was removed, fabric was ordered and then we put them all together again.”

The Sisters were also treated to a nice surprise during the project.

“We think two of the pieces were made many years ago by our own Sisters at the Clyde monastery,” Sister Mary Jane said.

For more information about the handcrafted vestments and services the Benedictine Sisters offer, please visit the department's page here.