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Benedictine Sisters produce special hosts for parish centennial

Benedictine Sisters produce special hosts for parish centennial - (06-02-2017)

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Photo credit: Andrew Wright/Denver Catholic

St. John’s Parish in Stoneham, Colorado, marked its 100th birthday celebration in October in a very special way by using altar breads made of wheat grown and harvested by its own parishioners.

Earlier in the year, parish members contacted Tim Stiff, production manager for the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration’s altar bread department, about the possibility of making hosts using the harvested wheat.

“I told them that if they sent us the flour, we’d see what we could do,” Stiff said. “We ended up baking over 3,000 hosts, which we sent them free of charge.”

The hosts were used during the parish’s 100th anniversary celebration.

“It was a joy and our honor to make the hosts for their special day,” Stiff added.

Please visit the Denver Catholic’s website at http://denvercatholic.org/small-number-strong-faith/  for a full feature on the anniversary celebration. For more information about the Benedictine Sisters’ altar bread department, please visit www.AltarBreadsBSPA.com.