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Benedictine Sisters join others in pledge to establish racial justice

Benedictine Sisters join others in pledge to establish racial justice - (16-02-2017)

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The Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, in coordination with the Conference of Benedictine Prioresses and the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, have committed to recognizing racial injustice as a social sin.

In a statement released by the Conference of Benedictine Prioresses after its annual meeting earlier this month, the group stated, “Our communities have made many efforts to address this injustice as a social sin in which we take part. We recognize that our society, culture and country are at a time when many implications and effects of racism are emerging on every side. The conversion called for is pervasive. In solidarity with other religious/faith leaders, we recognize that racial injustice is social sin.

Therefore, at this time in our history, we join with the Leadership Conference of Women Religious and with all people of faith to commit ourselves to:

- Examine the root causes of injustice, particularly of racism, as a consequence of unacknowledged white privilege, and our own complicity over the years in this societal reality and

- Work to effect systemic change that will promote a society that respects all people and that recognizes the equality, human dignity and human rights of all.

We commit ourselves to use our collective voice, resources and power in collaboration with others to establish racial justice which reflects God’s abundant love and mercy. 

We recognize the value of:

- Racial solidarity training;

- Creating safe spaces for truth and reconciliation processes; 

- Training in nonviolent conflict transformation;

- Programs training unarmed civilian peace makers in our regions;

- Ongoing de-escalation training for police and

- Dialogue with people of color and varied origins.

We pledge our prayer, educational efforts and advocacy of these values."