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Korean woman becomes official member of Benedictine Sisters

Korean woman becomes official member of Benedictine Sisters - (28-06-2018)

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PHOTO: Benedictine Sister of Perpetual Adoration Marie-Jona Yoo, OSB (center) is joined by Abbot Benedict Neenan, OSB and Prioress General Sister Dawn Annette Mills, OSB after her Rite of Full Incorporation ceremony on June 2.

June 2 proved to be an exceptionally beautiful day in the Adoration Chapel as Sister Marie-Jona Yoo, OSB took the final step in becoming an official member of the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration.

Sister Marie-Jona, who years ago began the transfer process from her Benedictine Olivetan Community in South Korea, participated in the Rite of Full Incorporation in front of her fellow Sisters with Abbot Benedict Neenan, OSB of nearby Conception Abbey serving as Eucharistic presider.

During the ceremony, she renewed her vows of stability, conversatio and obedience. Stability is a commitment of lifelong fidelity to God and the Congregation. Conversatio is a commitment to embrace all of monastic life as a path to holiness and conversion, which includes poverty or simplicity of life and chastity. Obedience is a vow of listening, responsive love to the voice of God through prayer, the Rule of St. Benedict, Scripture, the prioress and the members of the Congregation.

Adding a special touch to honor her heritage, Sister Marie-Jona sang the suscipe, the portion of the ceremony where she sings, “Receive me Lord, according to your promise and I shall live; and disappoint me not in my hope,” in Korean. After the ceremony, everyone retired to the refectory for a celebratory meal.

It was a most joyful celebration, and I was full of gratitude throughout the day,” she said. “During the Mass, it was touching to me for all the perpetually professed Sisters to come forward and embrace me as a sign of acceptance into their community for life. The love put into the meaningful liturgy, the beautiful decorations and the delicious meal were all expressions of God’s loving presence to me. Thanks to our loving God!”

Taking part in the Rite of Full Incorporation caps a journey that lasted many years. After a long discernment period, Sister Marie-Jona began the transfer process to the Benedictine Sisters back in 2011. 

Prioress General Sister Dawn Annette Mills, OSB added, “I am grateful for her experience in monastic life and how her culture enhances our community. Each of our Sisters who grew up outside the United States brings a wider focus to our community. It connects those of us living in Clyde, Missouri, to those elsewhere around the world and provides a broader view - especially in world events.”

“My heart has immense joy in my Lord for my being accepted as a full member into this Congregation,” Sister Marie-Jona said. “With my Sisters, I am happy to journey together, loving and supporting each other and holding all people throughout the world in our prayers. It is wonderful to be here where we cherish God’s presence in our midst.”