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Conference is Centered on Christ

Conference is Centered on Christ - (07-08-2023)

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PHOTO: Rt. Rev. Dom. James Wiseman, OSB, abbot of St. Anselm’s Abbey, led a retreat for the Benedictine Sisters in July. Photo courtesy of St. Anselm’s Abbey

The Benedictine Sisters enjoyed three days of renewal and reflection in July, led by Rt. Rev. Dom. James Wiseman, OSB, abbot of St. Anselm’s Abbey.

“Centered on Christ” included a series of conferences on topics such as Patience, Forgiving Oneself and Forgiving Others, Learning by Examples of Forgiveness, Reflections on Silence From “Sister Wendy's Book of Meditations,” Reading, and The Risen Christ.

Abbot James is an accomplished academic theologian and published author on subjects such as the mystical elements of Christian spirituality and the history of debates between science and religion.

Benedictine Sister Sarah Schwartzberg, OSB has known Abbot James for many years, dating back to their days as members of the board of directors of Monastic Interreligious Dialogue. The organization is devoted to promoting the importance of dialogue among a multitude of spiritual practitioners about their religious experiences and observances.

She complimented Abbot James on his approach and how he led the conference.

“His input was based on Scripture and the Holy Rule,” Sister Sarah said. “Abbot James taught at the Catholic University of America, currently teaches at his Abbey's school and is an excellent presenter.”