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Baking up an upgrade

Baking up an upgrade - (12-12-2023)

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PHOTO: The Benedictine Sisters recently upgraded the bakery in their low-gluten altar bread department. Helping with the installation were (from left) Francesco Papini, Grant Meyer, Dickie Henry and Jeremy McQueen.

Neither a pandemic nor an ocean could keep the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration from their mission to produce low-gluten altar breads.

In 2021, the Benedictine Sisters purchased a new altar bread baker from the Papini Company in Perugia, Italy, a company that specializes in manufacturing altar bread equipment.

“The baker was completed by 2022 but delivery was delayed due to COVID,” said Sister Ruth Elaine Starman, OSB, who manages the altar bread department. “After a voyage on the ocean, it finally arrived in October.”

With the new baker in house, it was time for installation and testing. Arriving from Italy in November was Francesco Papini. With assistance from Benedictine Sisters’ employees Dickie Henry, Jeremy McQueen and Grant Meyer, the new baker was soon up and running.

“All went well, and the new baker is turning out great low-gluten breads for our customers,” Sister Ruth Elaine added.

The Benedictine Sisters have been making altar breads for more than a century. For more information about the Benedictine Sisters’ altar bread ministry or to order, please visit https://altarbreadsbspa.com.