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Archived Issues - Spirit & Life Magazine

Year Issue Title Author Page
2022 Nov/Dec Jokes, Laughter, and Funny Stories in the Monastery Sr. Mary Jane Romero, OSB 3
2022 Nov/Dec The Gertrudes in My Life Rev. John Hagemann, OSB 5
2022 Nov/Dec Strange Gods Sr. Bede Luetkemeyer, OSB 7
2022 Nov/Dec The Meaning of Christmas Sr. Mary Clare Buthod, OSB 9
2022 Nov/Dec Hanukkah: Hope for Oppressed Minorities Rabbi Allen S. Maller 11
2022 Nov/Dec Incarnation Jeanette Martino Land 13
2022 Nov/Dec Prayer Sr. Mary Jane Romero, OSB 15
2022 Nov/Dec Sometimes Sr. Patricia Leyko Connelly 16
2022 Sept/Oct Our Sisters and the Rosary Sr. Mary Jane Romero, OSB 5
2022 Sept/Oct Reasons to Write Rev. John Hagemann, OSB 7
2022 Sept/Oct

Celebrating Two Exceptional Women

Julie A. Ferraro 9
2022 Sept/Oct Choices Sr. Wilmarie Ehrhardt, OSB 12
2022 Sept/Oct Marvelous Exchange Sr. Sarah Schwartzberg, OSB 14
2022 Sept/Oct A Prayer that God Enjoyed Answering Sr. Mary Clare Buthod, OSB 16
2022 Sept/Oct Answer to Prayer Scott Coverdale 24
2022 July/Aug  Benedictine Footprints Judith Valente 5
2022 July/Aug  Mirror, Mirror The Rev. Dr. Jane A. Tomaine
2022 July/Aug  Solitude as a Spiritual Practice Sr. Bede Luetkemeyer, OSB 9
2022 July/Aug  The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Sr. Sarah Schwartzberg, OSB 11 
2022 July/Aug  God's Love Jeanette Martino Land 12 
2022 July/Aug  Two Poems Dame Gertrude More, translated by Jacob Riyeff 12 
2022 July/Aug You Are a Puff of Smoke Sr. Mary Clare Buthod, OSB 14 
2022 July/Aug By Any Other Name Rev. John R. Davis 16 
2022 July/Aug The Clyde Haill Dairy Awakens Milking Memories Rev. John Hagemann, OSB 18 
2022 May/June That in All Things God May Be Glorified Sr. Dawn Annette Mills, OSB 5
2022 May/June Learning By Heart Melanie Supan Groseta
2022 May/June Zinnias, God's Gift of Unlimited Colors Rev. John Hagemann, OSB 10 
2022 May/June In This One Glance Patricia Leyko Connelly 12 
2022 May/June Sorrow and Its Many Names Sr. Bede Luetkemeyer, OSB 13 
2022 May/June Oaks of Righteousness Sr. Mary Clare Buthod, OSB 15 
2022 May/June Our Lady of Rickenbach Sr. Mary Jane Romero, OSB  17 
2022 May/June Spirit&Life Sr. Sarah Schwartzberg, OSB 19 
2022 Mar/Apr  The Devil Gets the Hook  Jacob Riyeff
2022 Mar/Apr  Advice for Any Season  Sr. Therese Marie Furois, OSB
2022 Mar/Apr  Saint Joseph  Sr. Sarah Schwartzberg, OSB 9
2022 Mar/Apr  Easter and Passover  Rabbi Allen S. Maller 10 
2022 Mar/Apr  Sing My Soul  Rev. John Patrick Davis 12 
2022 Mar/Apr Childhood Experiences of Liife and Death, Death and Life  Rev. John Hagemann, OSB 14 
2022 Mar/Apr  The Value of Social Skills  Sr. Mary Clare Buthod, OSB 16 
2022 Jan/Feb  Forgiveness Sr. Bede Luetkemeyer, OSB  5
2022 Jan/Feb  God's Inner Voice  Sr. Sarah Schwartzberg, OSB
2022 Jan/Feb  The Spirituality of "It Doesn't Matter"  Mary Sheridan
2022 Jan/Feb  Thy Kingdom Come  Sr. Mary Jane Romero, OSB 11 
2022 Jan/Feb  Humility  George M. Hall 13 
022 Jan/Feb  Prayer With A Silent Heart  Patricia Leyko Connelly 15 
2022 Jan/Feb  Some Little-known Sayings of Antony of Egypt  Tim Vivian 16 
2022 Jan/Feb  Values  Sr. Mary Clare Buthod, OSB 18 
2021 Nov/Dec  Christ the King Archbishop Jerome Hanus, OSB 5
2021 Nov/Dec  Compassion, the Difficult Virtue Sr. Bede Lurtkemeyer, OSB
2021 Nov/Dec  Death Before Our Eyes  Mary S. Sheridan 9
2021 Nov/Dec  The Abbot's Hat  Jacob Riyeff 11 
2021 Nov/Dec  God, My God  Sr. Laurentia Doyle, OSB 12 
2021 Nov/Dec  Suffering Welcomes Joy  Sr. Mary Clare Buthod, OSB 14 
2021 Nov/Dec  If This Is God  Brian Zahnd 16 
2021 Nov/Dec  More on Our Sisters  Sr. Mary Jane Romero, OSB 18 
2021 Sep/Oct  Knock and it  Shall Be Opened to You Sr. Bede Luetkemeyer, OSB
2021 Sept/Oct  Looking on the One We Have Pierced Jacob Riyeff
2021 Sep/Oct  Haiku Patricia Leyko Connelly  10 
2021 Sep/Oct  Walk In the Beauty of Holiness Sr. Sarah Schwartzberg, OSB 11 
2021 Sep/Oct  God's Will Sr. Wilmarie Ehrhardt, OSB 13 
2021 Sep/Oct  Saying Yes: The Positive Value of Obedience Frank Frisina and Mary Sheridan 15 
2021 Sep/Oct  Jesus, I Trust in You Sr. Mary Clare Buthod, OSB 17 
2021 July/Aug  Benedictine Wisdom from the Feline Cloister  The Rev. Dr. Jane A. Tomaine 5
2021 JulyAug  Our Sisters  Sr. Mary Jane Romero, OSB 8
2021 July/Aug  Back to School with Saint Benedict  Mary S. Sheridan 10
2021 July/Aug  An Early Poem on Saint Benedict  Jacob Riyeff 12 
2021 July/Aug  Duel with the Light  Sr. Bede Luetkemeyer 15 
2021 July/Aug  Knives  Maria Terrone 17 
2021 July/Aug  Our Memories Are Sacred Spaces  Sr. Mary Clare Buthod, OSB 18 
2021 July/Aug  This Earth Monastery Patricia Leyko Connelly 19
2021 May/June  You, Child  Sr. Dawn Annette MIlls, OSB
2021 May/June Haiku
 Patricia Leyko Connelly
2021 May/june The Apostles, Our Friends and Intercessors  Sr. Bede Luetkemeyer, OSB 8
2021 May/June  An Inheritance Sr. Mary Clare Buthod, OSB  11
2021 May/June  An A+ Student Sr. Mary Jane Romero, OSB 12
2021 May/June Celebrating Christ's Love Sr. Sarah Schwartzberg, OSB 15 
2021 May/June The Peace Castle Maria Terrone 17 
2021 May/June The Blessing of Ritual Mary S. Sheridan 18
2021 Mar/Apr Go in Peace Sr. Bede Luetkemeyer, OSB 5
2021 Mar/Apr I Am the Prodigal Son Sr. Wilmarie Ehrhardt, OSB 7
2021 Mar/Apr Monastic Motherhood Michelle Johnson Howell
2021 Mar/Apr The Sower Sr. Laurentia Doyle, OSB 11
2021 Mar/Apr God's Plan Sr. Mary Clare Buthod, OSB 12 
2021 Mar/Apr This Too Is for the Good Sr. Sarah Schwartzberg, OSB 15 
2021 Mar/Apr A Minute Changed His Life Sr. Mary Jane Romero, OSB 17 
2021 Mar/Apr  A Stash of God Sr. Margaret Murphy, OSB 18
2021 Jan-Feb  All in Due Time Sr. Sarah Schwartzberg, OSB
2021 Jan-Feb How Saint Scholastica Disempowered Confirmation Bias Tracy Rittmueller
2021 Jan-Feb Transfigured Suffering Sr. Mary Clare Buthod, OSB 10 
2021 Jan-Feb Be Still Fr. John Patrick Davis 12 
2021 Jan-Feb May They Be One Sr. Bede Luetkemeyer, OSB 14 
2021 Jan-Feb The Work of Our Hands Sr. Sarah Schwartzberg, OSB 16
2021 Jan-Feb Presence Sr. Dawn Annette Mills, OSB 18 
2021 Jan-Feb Gala Grande Sr. Margaret Murphy, OSB 19
2020 Nov/Dec Strange Gods Before Us Sr. Bede Luetkemeyer, OSB
2020 Nov/Dec Amen! Sr. Sarah Schwartzberg, OSB
2020 Nov/Dec Hannah: A Woman of Action Sr. Hannah Vanorney, OSB 10 
2020 Nov/Dec Jesus Sr. Laurentia Doyle, OSB 12 
2020 Nov/Dec Becoming Sr. Wilmarie Ehrhardt, OSB 14 
2020 Nov/Dec Hanukah, Hasmoneans, and Our Duty to Hope Rabbi Allen S. Maller 16
2020 Sep/Oct Faith and Fear Sr. Bede Luetkemeyer, OSB
2020 Sep/Oct Faith as an Act of Trust Jeanette Martino Land 8
2020 Sept/Oct Smelling the Flowers Sr. Sarah Schwartzberg, OSB 10 
2020 Sep/Oct One Stitch at a Time Sr. Mary Jane Romero, OSB 12 
2020 Sep/Oct A Robin's Song in This Time of Contagion Maria Terrone 15 
2020 Sep/Oct Two Haiku Patricia Leyko Connelly 17 
2020 Sep/Oct Comings and Goings Sr. Sarah Schwartzberg, OSB 18 
2020 July/Aug The Power of the Holy Name of Jesus  Sr. Sarah Schwartzberg, OSB
2020 July/Aug Hasidic Teaching of Faith and Hope for Overcoming Dark and Dismal Days  Rabbi Allen S. Maller
2020 July/Aug

God's Love is the Cure for the Insecure

Two Poems

 Jeanette Martino Land 11 
2020 July/Aug Virtue: Small, Medium, and Large  Sr. Bede Luetkemeyer, OSB 14
2020 July/Aug The Lord Is My Rock  Sr. Wilmarie Ehrhardt, OSB 16 
2020 July/Aug Haiku Prayers  Patricia Leyko Connelley  
2020 May/June Everything Belongs Sr. Hope Rodenborn, OSB
2020 May/June Reflections on the Holy Trinity Archbishop Jerome Hanus, OSB 8
2020 May/June I Will Drink the Cup of Salvation Sr. Bede Luetkemeyer, OSB 10 
2020 May/June Come Sr. Laurentia Doyle, OSB 12 
2020 May/June Reflecting on the Joy of Daily Mass on the Feast of Corpus Christi Judith Valente 14 
2020 May/June Eucharistic Adoration in Benedictine Life Sr. Joan Ridley, OSB 16
2020 May/June Two Poems Jacob Riyeff 18 
2020 Mar/Apr The Miracle of Prayer Sr. Bede Luetkemeyer, OSB 5
2020 Mar/Apr Obeyiing God's Will Sr. Sarah Schwartzberg, OSB
2020 Mar/Apr Magnify the Lord Sr. Lynn Marie D'Souza, OSB 10 
2020 Mar/Apr I Believe Sr. Laurentia Doyle, OSB 12 
2020 Mar/Apr Cleaning as a Contemplative Practice Patricia Leyko Connelly 14 
2020 Mar/Apr A Time to Plant Sr. Mary Jane Romero, OSB 16 
2020 Mar/Apr Mistaken as the Gardener Brian Zahnd 17 
2020 Mar/Apr Living Signs of Sacred Vows Rachel M. Srubas 19
2020 Jan/Feb  Father, Forgive Us for We Know Not What We Do  Sr. Bede Luetkemeyer, OSB
2020 Jan/Feb  Bells  Sr. Mary Jane Romero, OSB
2020 Jan/Feb  Forgotten Prophets  Sr. Sarah Schwartzberg, OSB 9
2020 Jan/Feb  Benedictine Journeys  Sr. Helen Prejean, CSJ 12
2020 Jan/Feb  Still a Child of God  Rev. John Patrick Davis 14 
2020 Jan/Feb Sister Lenora Black, OSB: An Oblate's Remembrance  Rachel M. Srubas 17 
2019 Nov/Dec Doctors of the Church, Searchers for the Truth Sr. Bede Luetkemeyer, OSB
2019 Nov/Dec The Bread of Life Sr. Mary Jane Romero, OSB
2019 Nov/Dec Advent: A Time to Reconnect with Wonder; Blessing Judith Valente
2019  Nov/Dec Children Beseiged by the Christmas Selling Season Rabbi Allen S. Maller 11 
2019 Nov/Dec Incarnation Sr. Sarah Schwartzberg, OSB 13 
2019 Nov/Dec Here I Am, Lord Cherry Schwulst 15 
2019 Nov/Dec Galatians 6:1-10, 14-16 for Today Jeanette Martino Land 17 
2019 Sep/Oct  God Remembers Us, God Forgets Our Sins  Sr. Bede Luetkemeyer, OSB
2019 Sep/Oct  The Mystery of God's Will  Sr. Mary Jane Romero, OSB
2019 Sep/Oct  A Happy Death  Rosemarie Oliver
2019 Sep/Oct  God of Love  Sr. Laurentia Doyle, OSB 12 
2019 Sep/Oct  Abraham's Kaaba and Abraham's Zion  Rabbi Allen S. Maller 14 
2019 Sep/Oct  Trying Hard Not to Be Ugly  Brian Zahnd 16 
2019 July/Aug  Saint Benedict's Strangers and Guests  Sr. Judith Sutera, OSB
2019 July/Aug  The Enduring Spirit of Saint Scholastica  Judith Valente
2019 July/Aug  Joy  Sr. Laurentia Doyle, OSB 10 
2019 July/Aug  Breathing with Both Lungs: East and West Together  Jacob Riyeff 11 
2019 July/Aug  Animals in the Book of Psalms  Sr. Jeanette von Herrmann, OSB 14
2019 July/Aug  Encounter  Rev. John P. Davis 16 
2019 May/June  Friendliness Sr. Bede Luetkemeyer, OSB  5
2019 May/June  Hope for What Is Not Seen Sr. Jeanette von Herrmann, OSB   7
2019 May/June The Sheepherder's Interpretation of the Twenty-Third Psalm Fernando D'Alfonso  9
2019 May/June  Spring Sr. Laurentia Doyle, OSB 10 
2019 May/June  A House Built on Rock Sr. Sarah Schwartzberg, OSB 14
2019 May/June Stability in Times of Change  Mary Sheridan 17 
 2019  Mar/Apr Habits and Habit Sr. Bede Luetkemeyer, OSB 5
 2019  Mar/Apr Contemplation and Saint Benedict's Rule for Monks Judith Valente 7
 2019  Mar/Apr Forty Photos in Lent Dr. Lisa M. Stepanski 9
 2019  Mar/Apr Pilate said to Jesus: "What is Truth?" Sr. Jeanette von Herrmann, OSB 12 
 2019  Mar/Apr Two Poems: His Cassandra, The Tunic  Maria Terrone 15 
 2019  Mar/Apr From the Heart of the Universe  Sr. Hope Rodenborn, OSB 16 
 2019  Mar/Apr In Mourning and Joy  Sr. Marie Therese Wilson, OCD 18
2019 Jan/Feb  On Beginning Anew Judith Valente
2019 Jan/Feb  Adam Laid in Bondage Jacob Riyeff
2019 Jan/Feb  Luke's Gospel Message for 2019 Sr. Jeanette von Herrmann, OSB 7
2019 Jan/Feb  Disciples, Dignity, and Joy Sr. Lenora Black, OSB
2019 Jan/Feb  In Search of Praise Sr. Bede Luetkemyer, OSB 11
2019 Jan/Feb Tools of the Spiritual Craft  Sr. Mary Jane Romero, OSB 13 
2019 Jan/Feb The God Who Is  Sr. Laurentia Doyle, OSB 14 
2019 Jan/Feb Woman at the Well  Sr. Mary Jane Romero, OSB 16 
2019 Jan/Feb Golden Jubilee Reflections  Sr. Joan Ridley, OSB 17 
2018 Nov/Dec Mary:Best Friend Forever Sr. Bede Luetkemeyer, OSB
2018 Nov/Dec Waiting for God to Act Brian Zahnd
2018 Nov/Dec Trees Sr. Therese Marie Furois, OSB 8
2018 Nov/Dec Listen Sr. Laurentia Doyle, OSB
2018 Nov/Dec Religious Faith in a Time of Oppression Rabbi Allen S. Maller 10 
2018  Nov/Dec Welcoming Everyone as Christ Sr. Sarah Schwartzberg, OSB 13 
2018 Nov/Dec Manger Animals, Biblical Critters Sr. Jeanette von Herrmann, OSB 15 
2018 Nov/Dec At a Cathedral Vertical Tour Maria Terrone 18
2018 Sep/Oct Come with Me to a Quiet Place Sr. Bede Luetkmeyer, OSB
2018 Sep/Oct Good Zeal Sr. Sarah Schwartzberg, OSB
2018 Sep/Oct Profiles in Courage: The Biblical Version Sr. Jeanette von Herrmann, OSB 10
2018 Sep/Oct A Young Sister and a Bull Calf Sr. Mary Jane Romero, OSB 13
2018 Sep/Oct Clyde Hill Farm: A Brief History Sr. Sarah Schwartzberg, OSB  14 
2018 Sep/Oct Swami Abhishiktananda, Osage Monastery, and Me Jacob Riyeff 15
2018 Sep/Oct Now Sr. Laurentia Doyle, OSB 18 
2018 July/Aug Jeremiah the Prophet Sr. Gladys Noreen, OSB 5
2018 July/Aug Making Souls Rabbi Allen S. Maller
2018 July/Aug