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Current Issue - Spirit & Life Magazine

Year Issue TitleThe Power of the Holy Name of Jesus Author Page
202i May/June You, Child Sr. Dawn Annette Mills, OSB 5
2021 May/June Haiku Patricia Leyko Connelly 7
2021 May/June

The Apostles, Our Friends and Intercessors

Sr. Bede Luetkemeyer, OSB 8
2021 May/June An Inheritance Sr. Mary Clare Buthod, OSB 11
2021 May/June An A+ Student Sr. Mary Jane Romero, OSB 12
2021 May/June Celebrating Christ's Love Sr. Sarah Schwartzberg, OSB 15 
2021 May/June The Peace Castle Maria Terrone 17
2021 May/June The Blessing of Ritual Mary S. Sheridan 18