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Current Issue - Spirit & Life Magazine

Year Issue Title Author Page
2019 Mar/Apr Habits and Habit Sr. Bede Luetkemyer, OSB 5
2019 Mar/Apr Contemplation and Saint Benedict's Rule for Monks Judith Valente 7
2019 Mar/Apr Forty Photos in Lent Dr. Lisa M. Stepanski 9
2019 Mar/Apr Pilate said to Jesus: What is Truth?" Sr. Jeanette von Herrmann, OSB 12
2019 Mar/Apr Two Poems: His Cassandra, The Tunic Maria Terrone 15
2019 Mar/Apr From the Heart of the Universe Sr. Hope Rodenborn, OSB 16
2019 Mar/Apr In Mourning and Joy Sr. Mary Therese Veronica Wilson, OCD 18