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Current Issue - Spirit & Life Magazine

Year Issue Title Author Page
2019 Nov/Dec Doctors of the Church, Searchers for the Truth Sr. Bede Luetkemeyer, OSB 5
2019 Nov/Dec The Bread of Life Sr. Mary Jane Romero, OSB 7
2019 Nov/Dec Advent: A Time to Reconnect with Wonder; Blessing Judith Valente 9
2019 Nov/Dec Children Beseiged by the Christmas Selling Season Rabbi Allen S. Maller 11
2019 Nov/Dec Incarnation Sr. Sarah Schwartzberg, OSB 13
2019 Nov/Dec Here I Am, Lord Cherry Schwulst 15
2019 Nov/Dec Galatians 6:1-10, 14-16 for Today Jeanette Martino Land 17